Collector's List

The DHCS maintains a list of collectors who wish to contact, and be contacted by, other collectors. This list is transmitted by mail, email, and publication in the Debbie Harry Archive Report. It is not released to anyone who is not on the list. You can request to be removed from the list.

If you wish to be included on this list, you need to have your accounting established in my computer because I use the same program for accounting and list generation. Therefore, you need a positive balance, so you need to either send me an initial payment of at least $1.00, or order something such as Fan Mail, and overpay. Include your mailing address and email address if you have one. If you want your phone number in the list, or if you have specific items you have to trade or are looking for, you may optionally include a brief description.

When you are on the list, you must ask me for a copy of the list. I prefer that this request be done by email, because it's easier on me and you get the most recent copy. When I learn to write CGI, I'll put up an online copy of the list which will be available only if you're on the list.

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