History of the Debbie Harry Collector's Society

written by Barry L. Kramer

The D.H.C.S. is the largest organization of Debbie Harry collectors in the world. It is not a "fan club" in the traditional sense: it is a network of fans and collectors operating independently of the artist and management. I created this organization myself quite informally some time ago (1987), and the concept of a collector's organization was with me for quite some time before my first newsletter.

I am always looking for new contacts and sources of information. It is my intention that the computer files I maintain, with the exception of a few parts that have been related to me in confidence, will be made available to everyone who requests them, as are the back issues of Fan Mail (when they get printed, that is). One of the objectives of my organization is to create and preserve an accurate historical record of the accomplishments of Debbie and her associates. So far, the result has been some very detailed lists of printed material, video, audio, concert appearances, records, etc., which are kept in electronic format and which I am publishing on the Internet as quickly as I can.

I am the primary archivist for everything related to Debbie Harry and the history of Blondie, and am constantly searching for more information, as well as people who are interested in helping to enter the information into a useful form. To this end I also strongly request everyone I deal with to provide me with a list of items in their collections, regardless of whether or not the items are for sale or trade, so I can verify that we know of the existence of the items and that they are documented. Also, any current news, and TV, radio, or magazine appearances (however insignificant) are always needed! Don't assume I know anything, but do provide an accurate citation if you see something (name, date, description). Photocopies are best but not required. Remember, I keep a list of everything, and the more you correspond, the better I'll remember you. I prefer to deal with everyone as friends rather than as business associates, and I like to know you've gotten my mail, and to hear about how you like the newsletter, if you want to contact or be contacted by other collectors, and if you want to trade with me, because apart from the maintenance of the DHCS as an organization with its particular objectives, I act on my own as well. I regularly trade (tapes, video, copies of articles, etc.) with a large fraction of my associates on no-profit terms, as I am solely motivated to expand my collection rather than to make money. I always approve of the trading of anything that you can't buy from an official source, and I will buy and resell (or export) that which you can't get (if I can) for what it costs if you'd do the same for me. I generally do not approve of people making unreasonable profit at the expense of or because of the work which has been done by Debbie and her associates: it is an insult to those who deserve nothing but the highest degree of respect and admiration. Paying for photograph reprints or a blank tape and postage makes sense, but asking Debbie to autograph stuff to sell, or sneaking your camera or recorder into a gig so you can make money (or a living) as opposed to doing it for your enjoyment is just plain wrong.

For more information, read the History of Fan Mail.

Dates in DHCS History

debbieharry.net site creation: 15 Sep 96
debbieharry.net site operational: 25 Sep 96
site announced: 08 Jan 97

more dates to come!

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