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The following is preserved for historical reasons:

This file is incomplete, but what's here is accurate. All dates are in mm/dd/yy format. All of this is subject to substantial reorganization and addition. I have the dates and venues for every Blondie show but haven't typed them in yet. Many dates in Fan Mail issues didn't get in here yet.

Have a date to add? Email me and substantiate your facts, preferably by mailing a copy of something in print, and I'll update this file with your information.

early Blondie dates unknown (c. 1975-76):
82 Club
Kenny's Castaways
Bacchus Rock Palace
Whyte's Pub
Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ
Broadway Charlie's
The Mushroom
Performance Studios
Forest Park Band Shell, Forest Hills NY

unknown gig, at Boburn Tavern (28th St. between Broadway and 6th Avenue),
almost certainly Stillettoes:
thursday 29 Nov 73
saturday 01 Dec 73
sunday 02 Dec 73

Angel and The Snake at CBGB with the Ramones 8/31/74

Blondie and the Banzai Babies (supporting the Miamis at Brandy's 11)
1/31/75 and 2/1/75 (MT21)

Miamis and Blondie 13,14,15 Feb 76 at CBGB [CS poster]

Max's Kansas City 7/23/76 (with Heartbreakers)
CBGB 7/27/76
Max's 1976
Mini-festival at Quandro Gym, 2nd Ave. NYC late 1976 (ref.: MT46)
10/23/76 [CS poster:] New York Rock special guest Blondie at Cuando Gym,
9 Second Ave. NYC $5
Bethesda Fountain, Central Park NYC 12/31/76 (ref.: MT47) paid $500

Mothers on W. 23rd St., NY
Brandy's 11, NY

Whisky, Los Angeles 2/9-12 and 2/16-20/77

Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 3/2-3/77
Max's 3/11/77 (midnight & 2am set -mt)

w/Iggy Pop 3-4/77:
Montreal 3/13/77
New York - Punk Benefit 3/16/77 (ds)
The Palladium, NYC 3/18/77 (40 min. -tf)
Santa Monica Civic Aud. 4/15/77 (special guest for Iggy Pop)

Whisky (8901 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles CA), 4/20, 21, 22, 23/77
w/Joan Jett [Anarchy In The UK, I Wanna Be Your Dog]

Apollo, Glasgow 5/77
CBGB's, NYC Punk Benefit, 5/4/77 (20 min. -tf)

1st UK tour (supporting Television, spring 1977):
5/20/77 bournemouth village (Village Bowl?)
5/22/77 glasgow, apollo
5/23/77 newcastle, city hall
5/24/77 sheffield, city hall
5/26/77 manchester, free trade hall
5/27/77 birmingham, odeon
5/28/77 london, hammersmith odeon
5/29/77 london, hammersmith odeon [Jet Boy, Heatwave, Little GTO]
5/30/77 Plymouth
5/31/77 bristol, colston hall [Moonlight Drive, Little GTO]

6/3/77 Palo Alto, CA (ds)

7/2/77 NYC Village Gate (ds)

8/27/77 National Music and Sound Show (various groups playing for free)

9/9/77 CBGB [CS tape] 2 sets. 2nd set 8:57
9/10/77 CBGB [CS tape] 1st set 7:24
9/10/77 CBGB [CS tape] 2nd set 16:26
9/11/77 CBGB [CS tape] 1st set 3:58
9/11/77 CBGB [CS tape] 2nd set 5:17
9/12/77 Reggae Nite, My Father's Place, Roslyn, LI, NY ??

9/23/77 Hollywood Palladium (6215 Sunset) Punk rock and fashion show, Blondie
special guest, also Devo

9/24/77 San Francisco: Old Waldorf (KSAN radio broadcast)
9/26/77 Huntington Beach CA: Golden Bear (ds)

9/29/77 - 10/2/77 [CS poster] Whisky, 6 days filmed by John Cassavetes and Sam Shaw

Melbourne, Australia 10/24/77, TV, radio, magazine interviews also New Zealand

11/11/77 Birmingham Barbarella's (UK)
11/12/77 Aylesbury Friars (Blondie + XTC) at the Maxwell (Vale) Hall) [CS poster]
11/13/77 (unknown)
11/14/77 Coventry Locarno

Munich 11/77

Rainbow, London
Amsterdam, Holland 11/77 (78 min. -tf, date wrong)
11/21/77 Munich [CS poster]

Blondie with The Ferrets:
11/26/77 Perth Concert Hall
11/29/77 Adelaide Apollo Stadium
12/1/77 Melbourne Palais Theatre
12/2/77 Albury Regent Theatre
12/3/77 Wagga Hoyts Theatre
12/5/77 Newcastle Civic Theatre
12/6/77 Lismore Town Hall
12/8/77 Brisbane Her Majesty's Theatre (the only show ever cancelled)
12/10/77 Wollongong Town Hall
12/11/77 Sydney State Theatre
12/12/77 Canberra Theatre
12/17/77 Geelong Plaza Theatre
12/18/77 Brisbane Her Majesty's Theatre (rescheduled from 12/8 due to DH illness)

12/21/77-12/28/77 Keppel Island, Australia

12/31/77-1/1/78 Ambassador Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

1/24/78 London Camden- Dingwalls
26 Jan 78 Leiden (Netherlands)
27 Jan 78 Stokvishal (in Arnhem)
29-30 Jan 78 Paradiso, Amsterdam Holland (20 min. -tf) [CS poster]
Lyons, France
Marseilles, France

German TV show 1/78 or (likely) 2/78

England- promotions, video, live shows

2/23/78 blackburn, st. georges hall (King George's Hall?)
2/24/78 Sheffield University [CS poster]
2/25/78 (glasgow?) strathclyde, university
2/27/78 lancaster, university
2/28/78 birminham, barbarellas
3/2/78 dunstable, civic hall
3/3/78 manchester, salford university - Maxwell Hall [CS poster]
3/5/78 london, roundhouse (ds)
3/6/78 canterbury, kent university

4/29/78 Berkeley CA, Zellerbach Hall, University of California at Berkeley

Starwood, Los Angeles (supposedly 4/25/78, 'Live' bootleg)
Mabuhay Gardens
Palladium, NY (met Fripp)
CBGB (Johnny Blitz benefit w/Fripp)

6/1/78 My Fathers Place, NYC (57 min. -tf)

7-8/78 with Kinks:
Santa Cruz
San Diego
Kansas City 7/78
St. Louis 7/25/78
Toronto 8/3/78 (El Mocambo, 'Peroxide on Blonde' bootleg)

Bilzen, UK
Kings Road at World's End, London
London-Miranda Gallery photo show "Blondie in Camera", mid 8/78 (band chased)
Stockholm, Sweden 8/27/78 (ds)
Dutch TV show (AVRO's Top Pop Special)
Holland: Kerkrade 9/1/78
Nijmegen 9/4/78
Rotterdam 9/7/78

8/26-9/24/78, Buzzcocks opening:
8/27/78 Stockholm, Sweden (the Tivoli Gardens) (76 min. -tf)
Oslo, Norway (Chateau Neuf) (from Melody Maker 9/9/78)
9/9/78 London Hammersmith Odeon (Boyfriends opening)
9/13/78 Edinburgh Odeon
9/15/78 Birmingham UK: The Odeon (78 min. -tf)
9/19/78 Bremen, West Germany (42 min. -tf) [Musik Laden (West German TV)]
9/21/78 Berlin, West Germany [Neue Welt, Hasenheide]
9/26/78 [CS poster] probably germany

10/29-11/16/78 United States:
10/29/78 Glassboro State College (Glassboro, NJ) David Johansen opening
Long Island
11/4/78 Boston (Paradise Ballroom, 'Headlines' bootleg)
11/6/78 Philadelphia (Walnut Theatre, 'Comes Alive' bootleg)
11/12/78 Palladium, NY (w/Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels; also Fripp) [CS tape]
11/14/78 Pine Crest Country Club, Shelton CT
11/15/78 Toad Hall, Hartford CT
New Haven, CT
San Francisco
Santa Cruz
Santa Monica

12/31/78 Winterland, San Francisco, w/REO Speedwagon (KSAN radio broadcast)

4/12/79 Top Pop and Rockplanet TV shows, Amsterdam
4/17-19/79 promotional visit to Italy
4/18/79 Italian TV show, Milan

6/29/79 Orpheum Theater, Boston (10:30pm, $8.50) [es claims this is 26 sep 79 but it is NOT]

United States, Rockpile opening:
7/4/79 Scranton PA "w/Nick Lowe-Dave Edmunds Rockpile supporting"
[conflict: 7/4/79, Ontario Place, Canada, audience video -tf, believed in error]
St. Louis?
7/5/79 Pawtucket RI: LeRoy Theatre (60 min. -tf) (ds)
7/8/79 Belmont Sunset Series
7/9/79 Central Park NY
7/11/79 Pittsburgh PA [CS tape] (powerhouse opening?)
7/13/79 Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA [CS tape]
7/15/79 The Mosque, Richmond VA [CS tape]
7/16/79 Virginia Beach VA [CS tape]
7/18/79 Indianapolis Convention Center w/Nick Lowe (poster for this)
7/20/79 Louisville Gardens, Louisville KY [CS tape]
7/24/79 Masonic Temple, Detroit MI [CS tape]
7/25/79 Chicago Park West, Chicago IL (maybe two shows)
7/26/79 Kiel Opera House, St. Louis MO [CS tape]
7/29/79 Detroit MI, Masonic Auditorium (67 min. -tf) is this an error?
8/1/79 Fort Lauderdale FL [CS tape] Sunrise Theater
8/3/79 New Orleans LA [CS tape]
8/4/79 Cullen Auditorium, Houston TX [CS tape]
8/7/79 Rainbow Theater, Denver CO [CS tape] opening band "Capa City"
8/11/79 War Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA [CS tape]
8/12/79 Oakland Auditorium, Oakland CA [CS tape]
8/14/79 Alvec Theater at San Diego University, San Diego CA [CS tape]
8/15/79 Greek Theater ('Blond Fever' bootleg)
8/26/79 Dallas TX ('Little Doll' bootleg)

10/13/79 Saturday Night Live, New York NY (Dreaming, Hardest Part)

Roadie filming, Austin TX (movie release 6/13/80)
Eat To The Beat videodisc, NY

London (Our Price Records, 100 Kensington High Street) 9/11/78 (2nd appearance)

London, mid 12/79, autograph signing at "Our Price Records" on Kensington High
Street (2nd time) (possibly in error, 3rd time?)

12/26/79 Bournemouth
12/27/79 Leicester DeMontfort Hall
12/28/79 Manchester Free Trade Hall
12/30/79 Glasgow
12/31/79 Glasgow, broadcast live by the BBC on TV and radio
1/1-2/80 Edinburgh Odeon
1/4-5/80 Newcastle City Hall
1/6/80 Deeside Leisure Center, outside Liverpool (2 shows?)
1/7-8/80 Birmingham Odeon
1/10?/80 London Hammersmith Odeon
1/11/80 London Hammersmith Odeon [CS master tape]
1/12/80 London Hammersmith Odeon w/Fripp
1/13/80 London Hammersmith Odeon [CS master tape]

1/15/80 Paris: Clementine, Nuggets (ETTB tour) [CS poster]
1/15-16/80 Paris
20/20 taping, 20 hours videotape, Paris

1/22/80 London Hammersmith Odeon

20/20 broadcast 28 Feb 1980

3/7/80 DH&CS at $25/person fund raiser for Ted Kennedy at NYC's Magique disco

Hurrah's, NY, with the Contortions

Profiles in Rock 5/17/80 (interview. tf)

6/25/80 Kemijarvi, Finland

Muppet Show taping, England, approx. June 1980. re-? broadcast 23 Feb 81

Solid Gold, very early 1981

Zurich Koo Koo tapes with Giger, 1981

Hunter LP and Making Tracks release in England 14 May 82

7/25/82 "Six Flags Over Georgia" (2 shows, 7&10pm)
7/26/82 Lakeland Civice Center (Bay area, near Tampa/Sarasota Florida)

8/2/82 Kansas City KS, Starlight Amphitheater
8/4/82 Rockford IL, Metro Center
8/5/82 Cedar Rapids IA, Five Seasons
8/7/82 Minneapolis MN, Parade Stadium (66 min. -tf)
8/8/82 Chicago IL, Poplar Creek
8/9/82 Detroit MI, Pine Knob
8/10/82 Cleveland OH, Agora
8/12/82 Providence RI, Civic Center
8/14/82 East Rutherford NJ, Meadowlands (110 min. -tf)
8/16/82 Columbia MD, Merriweather Post
8/18/82 Toronto, CNE (possibly instead at Maple Leaf Gardens)
8/21/82 Philadelphia PA, JFK Stadium (believed cancelled?) (ds)

11/19-26/83 DH British Visit [CS tape]

12/31/86 New York NY, Club 4D (lip sync "French Kissin'")

Madison Square Garden concert (RS 1/28/88) for NY homeless benefit,
Debbie sang backup for Lou Reed 12/13/87

12/16/87 New York NY: Beacon Theater (AIDS benefit, Ramones appeared for
3 tracks) (DH, CS, and new players)

1988 CBGB Debbie drums for Tom Tom Club [cc]

4/1/88 New York NY: The Ritz (Joey Ramone's Annual Trash Ball Extravaganza)

9/21/89 Max's on Broadway, Baltimore, cancelled in advance
9/22-23/89 Metropol, Pittsburgh PA -tf
9/25/89 The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ [Green Parrot/Neptune NJ (ECRocker,wrong)
9/26/89 Toad's Place, New Haven CT -tf
9/27/89 Lido Beach (Long Island) NY (sponsored by WDRE radio/Ellensburg NY)
10/2-8/89 The Borderline, London -tf

10/10/89 Borderline, London (ds)

10/15/89 Moore Theater (somewhere in U.S.)

10/17/89 The Commodore, Vancouver, British Columbia
?10/18/89 The Forge Cabaret (Strathcona Hotel, Victoria, B.C.) from flyer [CS]
10/23-25/89: Los Angeles, The Roxy
10/28/89 San Juan Capestrano
11/1/89 Boston Channel (possibly on 11/2/89 as well)
11/3-4/89 Philadelphia PA Chestnut Cabaret
11/6/89 Baltimore MD, Hammerjacks
11/8-9/89 Georgetown Bayou (Washington DC)
11/10-12/89 The World in New York City (3 nights)

11/21/89 Amsterdam
11/23/89 Edinburgh: Edinburgh Network
11/24/89 Glasgow: Glasgow Tramway
11/26/89 Manchester: Manchester International
11/27/89 Nottingham: Nottingham Rock City Nightclub
11/29/89 London Town & Country Club
11/30/89 London Town & Country Club (broadcast by Radio 1 on 12/21/89)
12/1/89 London Town & Country Club
12/3/89 Hamburg
12/4/89 Dusseldorf
12/5/89 Frankfurt
12/7/89 Munich [CS poster]
12/9/89 Milan Italy
12/10/89 Florence Italy
12/12/89 Rome Italy
12/13/89 Barcelona
12/14/89 Madrid
12/16/89 Paris - La Cigale [CS poster]

1/30/90 Orlando FL: Visage (a solo Debbie show without an opening band) [cc]

2/4/90 Houston TX: Summit
2/5/90 Reunion Arena (city unknown)

1990 tour (w/Tears For Fears):
2/7/90 St. Louis MO
2/8/90 Chicago IL: UIC Pavilion
2/10/90 Detroit MI: Cobo Arena
2/11/90 Toronto (there was a report that Debbie was not feeling well for this
show and only played for a half hour)
2/12/90 Richfield OH
2/13/90 Pittsburgh PA
2/15/90 New Haven CT
2/16/90 Williamsburg VA [ujh]
2/17/90 Fairfax VA
2/18/90 East Rutherford NJ
2/20/90 San Diego CA
2/22/90 Inglewood CA
2/24/90 San Francisco CA: Cow Palace
2/25/90 Sacramento CA

3/4/90 Los Angeles CA: Vertigo

Australia/New Zealand tour March 1990
3/9-10/90 Auckland, New Zealand: Power Station
3/12/90 Brisbane, Australia: Transformers Night Club
3/13/90 Tweed Heads, Australia: Seagulls Stardust Room
3/15-16/90 Sydney, Australia: Enmore Theater [CS master tape of 15 Mar 90]
3/17/90 Sydney, Australia: Hordern Pavilion
3/19-21/90 Melbourne, Australia: Metro Nightclub
3/23-24/90 North Adelaide, Australia: Old Lion Hotel
3/25-26/90 Perth, Australia: Perth Concert Hall
3/28? or 29?/90 Auckland, New Zealand

U.K. Dirty Harry tour
5/23/90 Norwich: University of East Anglia
5/24/90 Birmingham, Aston Sports & Leisure Centre [ds]
5/26?/90 Birmingham UK, Aston Sports Arena (1st day of UK tour) [ds]
5/31?/90 Birmingham, England: Aston Sports Arena (first date of the new
UK tour which is called the @qu"Dirty Harry" tour according to the
soundcheck sheets!) WHY IS THIS DATE IN CONFLICT?
Chris has a venue poster of Glasgow Barrowlands 31 May (maybe this one)
6/2-3/90 London, Brixton Academy, sponsored by Capital Radio [ds]

Escape From New York tour
6/25/90 New York NY: Marquee (Debbie Harry only, possibly promotional)
6/26/90 Hampton Beach NH
6/28/90 Columbia MD: Merriweather Post
6/29/90 New Haven CT: Lake Compounce (formerly Bristol CT)
7/1/90 Milwaukee WI: Summerfest
7/2/90 Detroit MI: Pine Knob (formerly Clarkston)
7/3/90 Toronto: Kingswood
7/4/90 Montreal: La Ronda
7/6/90 Mansfield MA: Great Woods (formerly Boston)
7/7/90 Portland ME: Civic Center
7/8/90 Burlington VT: Memorial
7/9/90 Philadelphia PA: Tower Theater
7/11/90 Wantagh NY: Jones Beach Theater
7/12/90 Holmdel NJ: Garden State Arts Center
7/13/90 Darien CT: Darien Lake
7/14/90 Cleveland OH: Nautica Stage
7/16/90 Columbus OH: Music Theater
7/17/90 Chicago IL: World Music Center (formerly Tinley Park)
7/18/90 Cincinnati OH: Timberwolf Park
7/19/90 Atlanta GA: Lakewood Amphitheater
7/21/90 Kansas City MO: Starlight Amphitheater
7/22/90 St. Louis MO: Fox Theater
7/23/90 Memphis TN: Mud Island
7/24/90 Tulsa OK: River Park Amphitheater
7/26/90 Houston TX: Fairport Amphitheater
7/27/90 Houston TX: Cullen Center
7/30/90 Santa Fe NM: Paolosoleri
7/31/90 Denver CO: Fiddler's Green
8/1/90 Salt Lake City UT: Park West Amphitheater
8/3/90 Irvine CA: Irvine Meadows (formerly Los Angeles)
8/4/90 San Diego CA: Open Air
8/5/90 Mesa AZ: Mesa Amphitheater
8/8-9/90 Los Angeles CA: Greek Theater
8/10/90 Santa Barbara CA: Arlington
8/11/90 Berkeley CA: Greek Theater
8/12/90 Sacramento CA: Exhibition Hall
8/14/90 Portland OR: Schnitzer Auditorium
8/15/90 Seattle WA: Paramount
8/16/90 Victoria BC
8/17/90 Vancouver BC: Lion's Bowl

Rock Am Ring festival, Nurburgring 29-30 Jun 91 was cancelled.

Domination 91 U.K. tour
7/02/91 Cornwall: St. Austell Coliseum
7/03/91 Bristol Colston Hall
7/04/91 Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
7/05/91 Wolverhampton Civic Centre
7/13/91 London: Wembley Stadium Summer XS (promoter MCP Concert Promotions)
7/13/91 Dymchurch, Kent Custom Bike Show gig at midnight
7/14/91 Manchester Apollo (promoter MCP Concert Promotions)
7/16/91 Aberdeen Music Hall
7/17/91 Edinburgh Assembly Rooms
7/18/91 Glasgow Barrowlands (promoter Regular Music)
7/20/91 Southampton Mayflower
7/21/91 London: Hammersmith Odeon

11/13/91 photo exhibition at CBGB Gallery

11/16/91 New York NY: CBGB (a virtually unadvertised gig billed as the
"Dirty Harry Band featuring Deborah Harry")

11/30/91 New York NY: A short performance at the Palladium

12/7/91 New York NY: China Club, appearance with Kathleen Turner at a
benefit for "City Kids"

1/1/92 New York NY: Palladium (at 1:50am, sang over music to 7 songs)

1/30/92 DH was in Santa Monica CA for the Spinal Tap concert at Golden Monkey

3/92 DH lip-synced 2 songs at a pro-choice rally in Washington DC

5/4/92 AIDS benefit at "Industriala Superstar" UNCONFIRMED

5/18/92 fashion show at Amazon Club in NYC to support the environment

5/29/92 Miami FL: Paragon club

4/25/92 (announcing at a Big Audio Dynamite gig at the Ritz, then party after)

9/7?/92 NYC Washington Square Park (Wigstock, did one song)

10/17/92 benefit for a church of some sort, with Iggy Pop, Tom Tom Club,
Laurie Anderson. UNCONFIRMED

11/4/92 "Fashion Week" NYC fashion show wearing something by designer Zang Toi

3/7/93 New York NY: Washington Irving High School (benefit w/Roches&John Kelly)

3/12/93 New York NY: Supper Club (Poops disco night/fashion show for M. Schmidt)

5/22/93 benefit at a large New York record store (HMV) with the B-52's.

late May-early June 1993 - lots of TV and radio in England
6/5/93 seen at Velvet Underground gig in London and party at the Forum after.

9/6/93 NYC Thompson Square Park (Wigstock, did Communion)

7/19/93 "Modern Rock Live", a live national call-in show (interview)

9/25/93 short (40 minute) gig at small gay bar Bang in London + TV show

10/31/93 New York NY: The Tunnel

U.K. Debravation tour 1993
11/20/93 Jersey Isles (warm-up gig)
11/21/93 Cambridge Corn Exchange
11/22/93 Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre
11/24/93 Manchester Labatt's Apollo Theatre
11/25/93 Sunderland Empire Theater
11/26/93 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
11/27/93 Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
11/29/93 Sheffield City Hall
11/30/93 Derby Assembly Rooms
12/02/93 Southend Cliffs Pavilion
12/03/93 Ipswich Regent Theatre
12/04/93 London Hammersmith Labatt's Apollo
12/06/93 Cardiff St. David's Hall
12/07/93 Paignton Festival Theatre
12/08/93 Crawley The Hawth
12/09/93 Birmingham Symphony Hall

12/30/93 CBGB, Debbie went to watch Elda play

12/31/93 Boca Raton FL: Club Boca (5 songs Debbie singing over tape)

Information Needed

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unknown year:
blondie on KROQ Rodney On The Rocks Show 13 Feb
Blondie with guest star Badfinger - August 9 in concert at the Aladdin
11/18/77? RTL blondie (amsterdam?)
Blondie at Paradiso 19 Nov 77?

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