Archives of the DHBIS Electronic Mailing List

I am in the process of creating files, organized by date and then zipped, which contain all the messages that have appeared on the DHBIS electronic mailing list since it was created (approximately 1989).

This is a long and difficult project, because the messages are scattered into hundreds of files in random order, and I am stripping out the unnecessary headers from the messages. As these become available, more links will appear here, allowing users to download the zipped files containing the messages from the dates indicated. These messages are formatted for HTML. When you unzip the file (you'll need 2.04g), you'll get a .HTM file. Use your browser to Open the file just as you would a location (instead of typing in an http:// address, enter C:\ARCHIVE\DHB9610.HTM - or whatever the actual path and filename is).

If anyone has skills at editing text files without making an error, and is interested in helping on this project, email [email protected] and let us know.

Available Files

1996 October 1-11 (43 KB zip file)
1996 September 1-30 (72 KB zip file)
1996 August 1-31 (91 KB zip file)
1996 July 1-31 (53 KB zip file)
1996 June 3-30 (70 KB zip file)

To subscribe to the DHBIS list now, send an email message to [email protected] and include in the message body the text subscribe DHBIS. The subject is ignored. Caution: this is a high-volume automatic mailing list which will generate a lot of incoming mail. If you need to be removed from the list, follow the same procedure but use unsubscribe DHBIS. For more information, check out the DHBIS information page on Louis Bustamante's Deborah Harry Home Page.

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