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The DHCS has been accumulating archives of information about Debbie Harry since its creation in 1987. The contributions of the membership, as well as enormous amounts of research over the years have produced an impressive historical record, which is generally preserved electronically. Unfortunately, it has traditionally been very difficult until recently to disseminate this information, although the intention is that it be available for free to those who request it. The current distribution method is a combination of Louis A. Bustamante's Deborah Harry Home Page, the publication of Fan Mail, the DHBIS electronic mailing list, and personal correspondence.

Current DHCS projects involve the creation of databases for printed material (all articles ever written about Debbie Harry), a complete world-wide discography (including scanned images), a list of all the concerts and activities by Blondie and Debbie Harry (with location and date), and a number of others. We are always seeking people to help with these projects, particularly those with rarities or large collections of records or magazines, who also know how to use computers fairly well. If you're interested in participating in this, send email to [email protected]

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